“Artful Journaling Workshop” Just Launched & Available For Purchase

“Artful Journaling Workshop” Just Launched & Available For Purchase.


Creative Healing Inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”

Creative Healing inspired by Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way"

I’m holding an online workshop inspired by the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Our Creative Cluster has 64 wonderful women. In the weeks that we have been together I’m noticing some changes taking place. Women are practicing self care, they are exploring their creativity, and supporting one another as each one emerges in to their new creative selves. It’s a beautiful thing to see unfold. I am blessed with two wonderful friends, Mary & Kelly. Every week they help with the lessons, answering questions from the women in the group, and post special messages of their own. ¬†Working together as a group is making this workshop easier to navigate. Big changes are happening! Yay!

Lightbulb Project 2014

My Lightbulb Project was inspired by Maya Angelou and her quote, ” Nothing can dim the light which shines from within” . While putting the finishing touches on my Art work she passed. The project was a super fun experience and now it holds a special place in my heart.
Here is a sneak peak in to the beginning stages of my project. This is a four foot piece of plywood that has been cut in to the shape of a light bulb. Both sides must be painted and sealed so that it can be displayed outdoors for a period of two weeks. The Bulbs will be displayed outside of businesses, at Festivals, and street corners, and then will be auctioned off. Stay tuned for details…xo

Brene Brown Part 2 lesson 1 with Julissie

Hello! Glad you are here. So excited to be continuing my journey with Brene Brown and her ” Gifts of Imperfection” E-Course. I noticed some anxiety expressed by members in regards to the first lesson. I was trying to think of a technique that might help alleviate that. It’s so important to try to move passed that so you can get to the important part… Play Time! We all want to create beautiful Art. We often compare our work to others. This journey is yours and yours alone. Create your own story, be gentle as you begin to experiment with new ideas, new tools, and new feelings. You will slowly emerge. Be patient with new creative you!
Have fun, get messy, get creative, play!
Hugs xo Julissie

Whimsical-i-cious Mixed Media & Art

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