xo Julissie Mixed Media Final Video

This is the last video in the series where I go thru and show you step by step how I do a mixed media piece. Thanks for taking time and watching. I hope you enjoyed them. If you have any questions about techniques, products I use, etc. message me. If you create something send me a picture. I’d love to see it! I hope you have a super fun weekend. Grab the kids and play a little. Maybe you don’t have children, well allow yourself some playtime too!
Get creative, Get Messy, and Have Fun! Hugs, xo Julissie


2 thoughts on “xo Julissie Mixed Media Final Video”

  1. Question: The dabbing pencil you used (the rolled paper), I have seen that before but I never knew what it was used for. Do you have to clean the tip off when applying it to different areas?
    Also, do you spray anything on it after to protect the finish? She’s rich in color. I really enjoyed watching, but I have to admit I got intimidated as you worked on her face. I am sure if I practiced a lot, I would get more and more comfortable and confident.

    1. Hello! The rolled paper thingy is a blending stump. We don’t clean it. The crayons are water soluble and the brand is Caran Dache. I’ve never used pastels before so I’m not sure how they compare. You can spray your work to protect it but be sure to wear a mask and or do it outside. Fumes are not good for you or your little ones. Gus would have a blast doing a mixed media project. Send me a pic when he’s done. Have a fun week! Hugs

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