Brene Brown Part 2 lesson 1 with Julissie

Hello! Glad you are here. So excited to be continuing my journey with Brene Brown and her ” Gifts of Imperfection” E-Course. I noticed some anxiety expressed by members in regards to the first lesson. I was trying to think of a technique that might help alleviate that. It’s so important to try to move passed that so you can get to the important part… Play Time! We all want to create beautiful Art. We often compare our work to others. This journey is yours and yours alone. Create your own story, be gentle as you begin to experiment with new ideas, new tools, and new feelings. You will slowly emerge. Be patient with new creative you!
Have fun, get messy, get creative, play!
Hugs xo Julissie


4 thoughts on “Brene Brown Part 2 lesson 1 with Julissie”

  1. I am so happy I found you this morning. I was reading some of the comments on Tammy’s (inpirational blog and sometimes whimsical faces), about the inner critic. I spotted yours right away and so glad I did. Thankyou so much for your tips on how you handle it. I am going to start doing the same thing. I will let you go and explore your blog. I love what I see so far. Eileen

    1. Thank you Eileen! You can find me on Facebook as well. I have a wonderful group called “gifts of Imperfection, Continuing the Healing. It’s a private group, but will gladly join you in the group for continued support coupled with creative prompts. Xo Hugs

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