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Julissie Saltzberg
Award-Winning Artist, Julissie Saltzberg, resides in
Campbell Hall, N.Y.
Her body of work is diverse. She loves working with
Acrylics and Mixed Media.
Whether she is painting a landscape or doing one of her whimsical pieces, one thing is common, the use of vibrant colors.
She currently is a member of the Wallkill River School of Art where she is a Represented Artist, a member of the Orange County Arts Council, where she was a featured artist for the month of September, and President of the Goshen Art League. Julissie is certified through Grumbacher to teach beginner and intermediate Fine Arts and Drawing classes to Adults and Children.
She has had the pleasure of working with the residents of Elant in Goshen and Middletown Park Rehabilitation Center.
In July she completed six murals in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia care unit at Middletown Park. In the fall she will be starting three more murals.
This summer Julissie exhibited hand painted Korean fans at the Dreamrose Gallery. The owner purchased her fan and commissioned three more. These fans will be traveling to Korea where they will be displayed for sale. Julissie is excited to be an International Exhibiting Artist.
Julissie is leading several projects, some of which include, “HeArt Traveling Journal”, “Creative Healing” & organizing the
“Goshen Art Walk.”
The Traveling Art Journal has been circulating over a year and connecting women around the globe. “ Creative Healing” is a cluster of women from around the world. Julissie is a facilitator for “The Artist’s Way” workshop. She ran a workshop last year and recently launched a second one. She is reaching women and helping them awaken their creative side.
Julissie is enthusiastic about sharing her love of art with
adults and children.




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