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Julissie Saltzberg is an internationally exhibiting artist based out of Campbell Hall. She is a community-involved acrylic and mixed media artist, is a member of the Orange County New York Arts Council, President of the Goshen Art League, and heads the Goshen Art Walk Committee. Julissie’s Art connects women around the globe by helping them discover their creative side and building through her international participatory work in HeArt, Traveling Art Journal and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron online Cluster Group. Julissie has exhibited her work throughout the Hudson Valley and enjoys sharing her love of art with the community. She is working on an expansive mural project in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia care unit at Middletown Park Rehabilitation Center, teaches workshops to their residents and to the residents of Elant in Goshen, has taught summer classes at the Wallkill River School and Beginner Fine Arts classes at Michael’s in Middletown. She has also done private parties and lessons. Recently Julissie was one of the artists selected to paint a piano for the Keys of Goshen Public Art Piano Project. The piano is titled Vibrations of The Muse and is located at the bus top across from the post office. Her whimsical piano depicts a magical forest filled with birch trees, butterflies, & muses playing musical instruments. Julissie is passionate about art and sharing it with her community.

Whimsical Sketch Video by Julissie

Quick video of how I sketch a whimsical face


Art Journaling

"Nothing Can Dim The Light" by Julissie

Art Journaling is something I started doing over the summer. I love the freedom of using mixed media combined with journaling. Its expressive, creative, and fun. When working in your art journal there’s a degree of comfort because its something that’s meant only for you (Unless you want to share). When you worry less, think less, wonderful things start to happen. Most of the time you will be surprised at what emerges when you create from your heart. I use a Mixed Media Journal with at least 140lb. paper. This allows me to use any media without it bleeding in to the next page. Are you intimidated by the bright white page? Don’t worry, most of us are! Get some water colors and start putting some colors down. Tear paper from an old book or scrapbook paper, whatever you like and tear and glue (Modge Podge works great or an Acrylic Medium)  Use favorite quotes, poetry, and anything that resonates with you and start there. Then cut out pictures, use your own pictures, stickers, magazines and start building your page. I draw my own characters and often embellish with clippings from scrapbook paper. Doodle, Draw, Clip and Stick…get messy, have fun!

Thanks for stopping and lingering a while  xo…Julissie