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“Gifts of Imperfection” Brene Brown E-Course Lesson 3 by Julissie

Brene Brown Inspired Art Let go of

Grab a cup of Tea/Coffee and lets sit and chat for a bit….

Lesson Three has proven to be a bit challenging especially because I was trying to create an Art Journal that was both inspirational and uplifting….

My Self Compassion Whispers are having a bit of a confrontation with the “Should Of” monster. I’m working hard to silence that within me so I can move on to living in the now and letting go of what can’t be undone. Thankfully Shame is not something I’m struggling with, but Regret is something I’m learning to let go of. I often think of all the wonderful opportunities that have crossed my path. Not too long ago I decided to move on. In my mind I blamed everyone else for making bad decisions. I made choices that pleased everyone else. I made decisions in spite of what I felt or how it would effect me because it was pleasing someone else or maybe it “kept the peace“. I became bitter and resentful because with each passing day there grew an urgency to do what I was meant to do…Paint. When I started on my Brene Brown E-Course right off the bat I felt a weight lifted. Someone was giving me permission to be me. I was happy giving myself permission to make choices that served me. So with that came a realization…I was in control of the decisions I made. I lingered over the thought of what I would write. It was like giving a kid a  limitless gift card to Toys R Us and saying you can buy anything you want. So I began to implement some changes in my life. I started with practicing the things on my permission slips, then came obstacle #2..Trust.

I needed to trust in the decisions I was making to live in my new authentic skin. When Brene said ” you can be brave and afraid all at the same time” I thought well its funny because that is how I felt. I felt empowered but scared.

This week I’m learning to be gentle with my critique and embracing this new way of thinking. It feels good to be me!

My Compassion Whispers tell me now that its never too late to make my dreams come true…

P.S. My whisper to you is…. You Are A Blessing, You Are Important, You Matter!

Hugs..xo Julissie