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Brene Brown Part 2 lesson 1 with Julissie

Hello! Glad you are here. So excited to be continuing my journey with Brene Brown and her ” Gifts of Imperfection” E-Course. I noticed some anxiety expressed by members in regards to the first lesson. I was trying to think of a technique that might help alleviate that. It’s so important to try to move passed that so you can get to the important part… Play Time! We all want to create beautiful Art. We often compare our work to others. This journey is yours and yours alone. Create your own story, be gentle as you begin to experiment with new ideas, new tools, and new feelings. You will slowly emerge. Be patient with new creative you!
Have fun, get messy, get creative, play!
Hugs xo Julissie


“Gifts of Imperfection” Brene Brown Week 6 My Art Journal Entry by xo Julissie

My final week in my Art Journal for the Brene Brown E-Course. I decided to video my journal entry. I decided to keep it simple for those that just needed a simple way of adding quick color and design to their journal entry. I will be posting pictures of my finished pages later this week with my feeling on this week’s topic and what it means to me.
Next week I embark on a new journey with another favorite…
Julia Cameron and “The Artist’s Way” This book is a wonderful way to transition from Brene’s e-course. I look forward to this next chapter and I hope you will join me. Follow along and feel to free to friend me on facebook . I developed a private group called Gifts of Imperfection” Continuing the Healing after Brene Brown’s E-Course. We have 33 members and we welcome anyone who is looking for a loving/supportive place.
Chat soon…hugs xo Julissie

“Gifts of Imperfection” Brene Brown E-Course Lesson 4 & 5 Continuing The Journey

Well as the weeks have gone by I have found myself going through a creative transformation. While I’m practicing authenticity and cultivating gratitude I have been faced with something else…Creative Block.

I’m a part of a smaller Facebook group ( approx. 365 members). The common discussion is that most of us started to fall behind. We all have different reasons for not checking in and completing assignments. Some personal, others because of the busy-ness of our lives. What ever the reason I ‘ve come to a very important part of this journey.

Although I believe in the healing aspects of journaling, there is one key thing keeping us from having a productive day. We need to write more. We need to truly journal. Reminiscing over old photographs can stir up some pretty intense emotions. What do we do once we are there, feeling vulnerable? Some of us will close the book, chuck it in the box, linger with it for a while, smile, cry, laugh, share it with others. So we paste it in our journal, draw cute flowers around it, include a sweet quote, and then?

And then…that’s the part we need to work on. Through the teachings of Julia Cameron I’m learning some important tools to get me moving forward after the course is over.

I’m starting a new group. We have 32 members so far. It’s for those of us continuing on this journey after the Brene Brown E-Course is over.

I’ll share these lessons within a 12 week spread. Look for my postings in the coming weeks about moving forward.  In the mean time if I could give you one piece of advice…Write.

Keep a notebook near your bed. When you get up in the morning, grab your journal and write. There doesn’t need to be any rhyme or reason, no editing…. just write. By doing this you clear your mind of all those things weighing you down and it allows you to open your mind to experiencing the full joy of the little things we sometimes take for granted.

Until then…Hugs xo Julissie

“Gifts of Imperfection” Brene Brown E-Course Lesson 3 by Julissie

Brene Brown Inspired Art Let go of

Grab a cup of Tea/Coffee and lets sit and chat for a bit….

Lesson Three has proven to be a bit challenging especially because I was trying to create an Art Journal that was both inspirational and uplifting….

My Self Compassion Whispers are having a bit of a confrontation with the “Should Of” monster. I’m working hard to silence that within me so I can move on to living in the now and letting go of what can’t be undone. Thankfully Shame is not something I’m struggling with, but Regret is something I’m learning to let go of. I often think of all the wonderful opportunities that have crossed my path. Not too long ago I decided to move on. In my mind I blamed everyone else for making bad decisions. I made choices that pleased everyone else. I made decisions in spite of what I felt or how it would effect me because it was pleasing someone else or maybe it “kept the peace“. I became bitter and resentful because with each passing day there grew an urgency to do what I was meant to do…Paint. When I started on my Brene Brown E-Course right off the bat I felt a weight lifted. Someone was giving me permission to be me. I was happy giving myself permission to make choices that served me. So with that came a realization…I was in control of the decisions I made. I lingered over the thought of what I would write. It was like giving a kid a  limitless gift card to Toys R Us and saying you can buy anything you want. So I began to implement some changes in my life. I started with practicing the things on my permission slips, then came obstacle #2..Trust.

I needed to trust in the decisions I was making to live in my new authentic skin. When Brene said ” you can be brave and afraid all at the same time” I thought well its funny because that is how I felt. I felt empowered but scared.

This week I’m learning to be gentle with my critique and embracing this new way of thinking. It feels good to be me!

My Compassion Whispers tell me now that its never too late to make my dreams come true…

P.S. My whisper to you is…. You Are A Blessing, You Are Important, You Matter!

Hugs..xo Julissie